Was it worth it

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 1, 2018

Ive thought about this for days im41 days quit . Was it worth the news about cancer in my lungs. Oh they say take this drug TAKE that drug. Do chemo do radation do this do that . Well i will do as i wish its my choice it was my choice to smoke it was my choice to quit smoking and it is my choice to not have thousands of chemicals put into my body i kinda had a feeling something  was wrong when after 4 month of being quit i still felt like ****. Never coughed at all when i quit for 4 months since i had the mri and got the results  ive had nothing but a cronic cough.i breath perfectly fine i passed the walking test passed the eficima test passed the copd test. So why was i not still feeling better.well i have the answer now im making the choice not to have thousands of chemicals put back in my body if i die at least there will be my mom and dad waiting in heaven to welcome me into there arms again. But i already eat healthy  i dont drink soda i get up everyday and head for work i move and shake it i do the daily challenge  with little to no problem, just some days i feel weak and just want to be lazy. But i get up every day and continue with my daily chores daily exercise and i breath like a person should so must be smoking has taken its toll on me and all the prayers in the world didnt stop the cancer so everyone who has smoked for along time get that mri for me its to late. But i came into this world from what my relatives tell me  it was hit and miss cause the cord was wrapped around my neck i made it and i will not lay down and let the cancer take over maybe i can beat this. We will see where im at in a few weeks going to still be smoke free alive or dead. #