Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 24, 2018

What is vaping my son in law came in her tonight new i was struggling with my daughter  outside smoking. He told me to try his vaping . I told him no i would be all right just got busy with my grandson who had been with his mom all day. Which you no what he smelled like yes cig smoke. I was wondering what exactly is vaping will it help a nictine addict . He claimed he hadnt had a cig since he started using  it 3 weeks ago. It counted how many puffs he took on it. Just wondered if it would help me a little better when my grand kids come around cause they all smell like smoke and there home i cant even walk into we all no what stale smoke smells like. Well if anyone can shed a little light on vaping it would be helpful. He claimed you can get 0 nictine liquid to put into it  been doing research  but  it looks pretty expensive.