Ho e at last

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 15, 2018

Its day 25 for me dont really dwell on that but getting on here after a week or so i figuired id dwell a little . Wow 25 days wonderful for me. Finally got the insurance approval for a updated mri waiting to hear from the doctor when will be done well let everyome no how i make out. Well was do e work for the summer on june 13th i jumped in my hubbys truck and said im going with you he had no problem with that my kid on the other had was not happy o well get over yourself cause im with your dad hell i left you with my car what more did she want. I no me to stay ho e and cator to her oh well momma got to what momma got to do it was so nice to have company of my hubby for 3 days. So ething we really needed. But im still smoke free. Ya for me.