Why tell me why

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 9, 2018

Ok it end of year pinic and feild trips for my 3 year old grandson tell me why dad ******* all week he at work and doesnt get to see his kids but when he has the time to spend the whole day having fun with his kids does he go hell no finds every excuse possible so my daughter took all 3 of her kids and went and had some fun. Venting i no but at least im not picking up a cig and smoking. Well he comes over here ask my husband did you go with the kids when you drove truck in there younger years my husband exploded on him yes i did took the day off and spent the whole day with the kids. Well he say to him(hubby) whats this **** you spend 16 hours at work making someone else look good you come home and go straight to bed . He told him you might as well move out cause to me its like you dont care about my daughter or my grandkids . He started yelling at my hubby my hubby told him to go home before he layed him out flat in the yard. Had to go out and be referee and  stand in the middle well they were screaming at it other. Oh hopefully he doesnt come back up here cause my hubby said if he does hes just going to lay him out on the yard. Glad my grandkids were not here to see the two of them going at each other. But i put NOPE  in my head and just kept saying it while there both mad at each other NOPE  is still going threw my head.