Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 8, 2018

Wish my grandson would go home so i could go to bed but he refuses to go so im on her venting. Sorry but i am waiting for my hubbys insurance to approve another mri on my lungs god no's  how long this one will take. Last one was like almost a year ago i want to see if there are any changes since NOPE  came for me. I want to no if the spots they saw a year ago that i  got serious about NOPE  it only takes 1 smoke to be back in relapse but NOPE  is definitely  in the cards for me now stress is not for me i just say f@@@ it. Cause its not worth it . Ok well my grandson decided he wants to go home now so sorry for the vent but why does it take an insurance company so long to approve when they dont pay **** on the bill. Last time was over 2000 dollars they paid only 156. Of the whole bill but it is worth waiting  for to find out if NOPE  made a difference.