Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 7, 2018

Well i feel much better now that I've  had over 12 hours of sleep. Yesterday was just a super long day even though I  took a book to read but she couldn't  find any one to take her 3 year old to head start so reading was out of the option  because he is all over the place cause he cant seem to sit still unless he's sleeping so 4 hour of him just  put the icing on the cake i was never so happy when i got home and away from him and her. Ate supper layed down on the couch and slept til this morning  i didnt even hear the phone call from my hubby til this morning .but i didnt smoke at all so yaahoo i held my temper and just let the chips fall where ever. To get back to my grandson with cleft pallet he is now going to be 11 in a few days we dont notice stuff when you see him ever day. We got bad news they took some exrays of his face cause his nose is dropped  down to the point his nostrils are closing or almost closed. So another surgery for him seems from what the doctor says the bone in his nose isnt there so they have to take a piece of bone from his hip and put it in his nose. Im really wordered about that cause i never heard of putting a piece of bone from your hip into your nose. He goes in august 24 for last surgery on his right ear which really  worries me cause they have to remove his entire ear and sew it back on. The kid has been threw so much that i just hope that when there done he will be able to hear better we will see good thing is they wont do surgery only ever 6 months aug then 6 months  later they will fix his nose. And he is also seeing an orthodontist  for his teeth which will require braces and pulling of 2 permanent teeth that came in crooked. I dont no how hes made it this far so far the kid has had 7 surgeries and hopefully these will be the last 2. NOPE  is getting stronger ever day.