Oh the cravings

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 3, 2018

Setting here thinking tommrrow back to work where all the craving disappear cause im really busy. Ride home is ok home about 2 hours cleaning ect then the loneness sets in and thats when the cravings hit and hit hard. Ive been trying ever thing i can think of to make them stop. Do they ever go away ?  Ive been telling myself dont relapse that doesnt solve anything. My brain is in a half fog telling me 1 minute dont do it and the next just have 1 it wont hurt just have 1. Well 1 leads to 2 ect. NOPE  thats not going to happen.  5 days of the same time at night to early to go to bed and to late to take a nap . Bike ride works a little but my grand son is grounded because of report from his teacher saying hes failing 5th grade and its no fun to go by yourself. Walking doesnt work cause its no fun anymore without someone walking with you.  Reading doesnt work cause i just dont feel like reading, i have already finished a quilt queen size hand quilted and all. Made a few baby blankets for my neice and niece inlaw whom are having there babies soon, little girls one in july and other in august. Ive colored and drawn pics. But i just dont think that works anymore either. Im bored with everything that has worked.i only have 7 more days of work my main question is oh my ill be home alone every day all day long what am i going to do then. What am i going to do. I have to figure out something to do with the  time get up til go to bed i no the cravings are going to be hell but I'll  figure out something to do.