Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 29, 2018

Once again have to get use to being home alone.. hubby on the road again after 4 days home sure do miss him tonight. Well today was rough at work everyone was full of i wish we had 1 more day off. Well we only have like 18 days of school left.  Then off for the summer. Im in no hurry to be home alone all day and all nignt. I no whats GOING to happen and NOPE is not going to happen. I went riding my new bike with my grandson who was thrilled we were not walking or running then walking. But after we came back oh did my legs hurt. Been a while  since i road a bike we have alot of back roads where theres not much traffic here so we went up the hill over this road and back i figured  we went about a mile or so. He was happy thats all i cared about then we both jumped into his mom and dads new pool and what a nice refreshing idea that was . Swam for about an hour then came home to an empty house. Guess I'll  take a nice hot bath and soak my aching legs. Well NOPE IS NOT IN MY HEAD AND I WILL STICK TO THAT ON THIS JOURNEY .