Day 3

Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 24, 2018

Day3 woke up this morning don't feel well yet heads ready to explode. Throat hurts  so bad  can't swallow.  Going to get the Vicks out and hit the bed oh wait have to go into work so taking a hot shower at least i don't have to put up with my grand kids.

Going to vent here a little last night my kid comes  at 5 when she gets out of work at 3.15 and it's a 45 minute drive here picks up 3year old leaves 10 year old who does nothing but get on my tv because  of Wi-Fi gets on Minecraft just sits there watching now what does he get out of just siitting and watching foolishness  if you have ever seen it you no what I mean. At 7 she calls ask him what he wants from McDonalds  mind you this is 7 at night. Doesn't show up  with his food til 9.30 pm mind you she no's  I'm sick. She says well I have chicken nuggets you can have I said I'm  going to bed just cause you don't work tommrrow I do and it's 9.30 at NIGHT. You wonder why your kids are failing in school when there not in bed at night til 10.30 and 11.00 up at 7 to get breakfast and showered and on the bus at 7.48 am. She is always late getting the 3 year old to head start why cause hes not in bed before 10.30. 11.00 at night.gets up at 7 same as other 2 .Then wonders why her kids are so tired all the time.