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Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 22, 2018

Off and on since I first started working in Afton ,at the end of the year, the elementary  teachers gave out red badge of courage to a teacher  for showing up daily to what was considered the most incorrigible class,and purple heart to the  teacher who had been stuck by a student during the year. This was partly  as a joke and partly a way to say we see you and realize your commitment. At times more than one badge of courage was given one. One year 6 were given for it was hard to narrow the field to only one troublesome  class. Many  years no purple hearts were presented at all.

In March on the teachers conference day it came to my attention that 18 staff had already been hit students during the year. Armed with facts and thinking about the years end, I decided to do some research on the real purple hearts.

The first purple hearts were given to soldiers killed or injured in the revolutionary  time. Not everyone gets one just for being hurt. They  are awarded to those who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice  , to lay down their lives for our country. That information  prompted me to think not only of the physical harm, but of the emotions  frustrations  we as staff go through. I felt a need to say,I see you, I know a little of what you do.

This small tribute is to you for the work you do for the students here each and every day.

On the day when it feels like your heart has been ripped out and stomped upon. Remember that spark deep inside that is true . Pull it up and let it glow. Always remember that star that you are keep shining. 

This was awarded to me today I was very pleased  and proud that they recognized  me this year. It made my day and being my 1st day quit again after relapse  it made me happy .something good for a change has happened.