Another drey day

Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 20, 2018

Another drey day here still can't play in the dirt which is now mud. But it's put leaves on the trees so everything doesnt look so drewy.  Ok been reading a lot read a screen story that fit me to a t. I could see myself in the epilogue  but instead of resisting I went a bought smokes. Granted I still have the same pack I smoked but I did so I am using that to help me when I have that erg to buy them printed it out. Thanks to elders who have 200 days or more with there experience  I have figured  out where I went wrong and wished I had found it sooner. 

Poppy and grandkids went to see dead Poole 2 , not my cup of tea . I'd rather see a good love affair or good Disney movie. Enjoying  my day of quiet.