Wow almost 50

Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 7, 2018

Ya ya I did it 49 days the stress levels are out of control between my kid and my mom. My sister's and brother said hey you don't smell like smoke did you quit I said yes 47 days ago they were in shock. My mom's in icu at the hospital she had a heart attack / stroke, very stressful when all your sister's and brothers smoke and here you are the only one that has stayed in the room with my mom  while everyone else is out for a smoke break. My kid on the other hand is very upset with me over a no smoking sign on my door and the fact that after draining my purse ( 200 dollars) i changed the bolt locks on my doors as well which made her very mad. But what comes around goes around she will get over it my mom on the other hand may not, she is 78 years old. And pretty much its up to gods hands now they've done  everything they can for her. While tommrrow will be day 50 for me at this point i am taking it 1 day at a time and remembering  nope and my VOW  not to smoke again til the day i die. Wont be on here tommrrow so im congratulating myself now have to go to work then to the lawyers office because i have power of attorney over my mom .going to be a hectic day.  1 day at a time  just 1 day at a time.