The sun is shing

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Apr 22, 2018

Today is a beautiful day  here opened up all the windows to let the fresh air in. Cravings are getting less and less. Pulled a hugh black yuck out of my nose this morning can breath threw that side a whole lot better . Starting to cough hope it's just stuff coming up out of my lungs and not a spring cold. Today is day 34 days seems to be passing by rather fast. I'm holding to my VOW and will never smoke again.  Advise to people like me hang in there learn your triggers and breath I breath threw a very tiny straw that I got from work it's like breathing threw a very tiny hole makes my lung really work hard to breath but it seems to be working better than just breathing exercises. Cravings will eventually go away last week I had the worst of all cravings but a brisk walk And breathing threw the tiny straw I worked threw it breathing threw the tiny straw reminds me of when I couldn't breath at all not even to walk across the room without have to stop and rest. Doctors say all my systems are from not smoking so I asked them when does this go away there suggest to make me feel better was to take a multivitamin  daily and see if that helps me feel better they said for as long as I have smoked I should have efacima ( spelled wrong) or COPD  so all the times I've tried to quit must have done some good. Now if I can get passed the yucky feeling I should make it threw my VOW. And I will never smoke again so my brain better get with the program. Cause I hate feeling terrible but like. Cravings some day hopefully soon I will feel a whole lot better.