Blog Post created by Opidfght on Apr 16, 2018

I can't believe  it's 28 days without a smoke been tempted  many times  but as many times as I've  said before that I quit and then fell off the wagon you learn from your mistakes believe me this has been my easiest quit yet and still going  strong do cravings creep up on you yes they do do you step on the weight scale and say oh my god another 10 pounds yes you do and are there times  when you want to say f this getting a cig well guess what you will eventually  not even think about it smoking is a illness and addiction  and un til you as I have figured out how to beat the habit and  start living a better life cigs are no good and as when I first said this is and was my last attempt if I couldn't do it this time  I was going to  have to go til I couldNT breath anymore and never quit again but I am doing it for real it's working this time and I am so proud of myself  28 days can't believe it......I VOW NEVER TO HAVE ANOTHER SMOKE AS LONG AS I LIVE.!