Good news

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Apr 4, 2018

Rode to Syracuse ny today with my daughter whom smokes in the car all the way there and back with my 11 year old grandson whom has had ear problems since birth he only has 1 bad ear now the skin graph they did back in January  actually  worked I was so happy for  him ! I was very proud of myself as my daughter smoked away I didn't even want a smoke didn't bother me at all. Today is day 15 for me and I really think I've got the NOPE down to a science my brain doesn't dream of smoking I don't cough at all  little worried about that about the only problem I have is heartburn I've  never had heartburn  before  it's really bad heartburn.  Any suggestion?  I still vow to never light another cig as long as I live.