Back from vacation

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Mar 27, 2018

Hello made threw vacation only 1 issue my daughter where I live gave us a 911 call our 3 year old grandson was in the hospital with severe cold and couldn't breath I told my daughter we were on our way home , we would stop and see him before we went  home. He is doing  a lot better now he came home today with antibiotic. And cough meds . He sure was happy to see grandma and POPPY! OK up date on me I did it I made it down and back without a smoke ya for me it  was a little rough at 1st the 5 .45 hour trip to my oldest daughters whom who is very proud of me for sticking with not smoking. It was so nice to see her and the kids. It was rough coming home as well but it made me feel good to no i can deal with stress and not have to have a smoke. Quote from all my grand kids 3 especiallyGRANDMA WE NEW YOU COULD DO IT ITS SO NICE TO HUG YOU AND NOT SMELL LIKE SMOKE AFTERWARD!  They made me feel really good and my hubby didn't even ask if I wanted cigs which surprised me I was very stressed out the ride down. Well I'm home and doing a lot better with out tbx free it's not as bad as I thought it would be but I've quit so often I pretty much no what all my triggers are and have learned real fast how to deal with them. Not coughing yet in all the times I have quit I have never coughed up anything  out of my lungs maybe some day it will happen only difference this time is I started dreaming again. I never dream. Ok well this is long but I vowed I would not smoke today tomorrow or weeks down the road and I ment it.