Goingto quit for good

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Mar 18, 2018

Hello all im back and have a new quit date with no home  support this cold turkey just didnt work. So we are going for the final  attempt to quit smoking for good not totally cold turkey this time my sister told me to try TBX free so when I really need a cig maybe it will help cause I have absolutely no help at home my husband has already ask if I want him to get me cigs I told him NO! And he will bug me everyday and I keep telling him no but I don't no what  part he just doesn't understand NO I want no more feeling foggy no more smelly Smokie clothes no more smelling like smoke enough is enough I hate the smoke smell I have no ambition I can't even walk to the mailbox with out being out of breath I was doing good till my husband bugged the he'll out of me if I wanted him to get me cigs. I think I  could have made IT!!   I make this simple  vow I will not ever smoke again for as long as I LIVE!