The Plumber

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jul 11, 2020

There was a family that live way out in the country.

They depended on a well for their water needs.

The water began flowing slower and slower.

They thought maybe the well was getting low as there had been very little rain for a while.

This had never happened before though.

They decided that they needed to call a plumber after they looked and the well had plenty of water in it.

The plumber checked their system and discovered that the piping was clogged severely.

The family told him to go ahead and fix the problem.

Pipes were replaced, but the flow was still not as good as before.

Further checking revealed that the pump had some damage from having to work so hard to deliver the water.

The plumber worked on it and fixed it as best he could.

Water flow improved, but would never be as good as before.

Your body I like that house and well.

Smoking can damage your pipes and the pump will sustain damage as well from having to work harder.

My “plumber” worked hard and repaired things as much as he could.

Please quit smoking now before you need a major plumbing job yourself.