I Died Last Night

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Apr 18, 2020

I Died Last Night

As I lay in my bed I felt the coldness creeping through my body.

I fought to take another breath. My lungs refused to do so.

My heart fluttered in my chest like a moth as it did it’s best to continue pumping my lifeblood.

Darkness clouded my vision.

My heart stopped and I was gone.

I heard the doctor talking to my family as they looked down on my body.

He said that this could have been avoided if I had only stopped smoking when he told me that I must.

I would have had some problems, but I would have lived a lot longer.

My lungs would not have been riddled with a cancer that advanced like wildfire.

The cancer would not have spread throughout my entire body.

I would still be hugging my loved ones instead of lying here like this.

I tried to tell them I was not gone, I could hear them.

They could not hear my shouts.

Someone covered my face with a sheet.

I was shoved into a cold place and left.

I don’t know how much time passed before I felt myself being pulled out of the cold place.

A doctor began cutting into my chest.

I could feel every cut he made.

He pulled my heart out of my chest and I could see the scars and dead tissue.

My lungs were next and I could barely recognize that they were even tissue.

They were black and riddled with tumors.

The doctor spoke into a microphone and stated death due to organ failure and cancer invasion of tissues.

I then felt myself pulled into a tunnel and away from my body.

I was gone forever, leaving family and friends behind.

Don’t let this be your future.

Quit smoking today.

The life you save will be your own and your family will never know the pain of a death that could have been  avoided  for years.

I wish I had known this fact many years ago.