News From The Sheik

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Mar 23, 2020

A messenger arrived this morning from the Sheik.

The people from the camp scattered in all directions when they vacated the camp.

His Bedoin captured one of them and brought him before the Sheik.

After some persuasion, this guy finally told the Sheik what they had been planning.

We were right that they were planning to ambush all travelers on the trail.

As I have said many times, Nic is never going to give up on recapturing every person that has escaped his addiction.

He has some terrible things planned for you if he can recapture you and get you addicted once more.

His "gifts" are devastating for your body.

Cancer, COPD, PAD, Coronary, Artery Disease, Heart attack, and many others.

Be ever watchful for his traps and his gang members.

Travel safely my friends.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master