The Elder

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 27, 2020

There was a man that lived on the edge of the village.

Nobody knew how many snows he had seen in his lifetime.

He lived alone in his lodge as all his family had traveled to the otherlands many seasons ago.

He was seldom seen outside his lodge.

People would visit him with things that bothered them and he would impart the knowledge he had acquired.

Some would sit and think of what he said and then leave.

Others would rise and leave muttering that the old man was crazy.

Few bothered to thank him or acknowledge his words.

This continued for many seasons.

One day the village leader came to his lodge.

He asked the old man why he continued giving advice and knowledge when nobody acted as if his words helped.

They go about their business as if you had never spoken to them. They take your words and act as though they thought of the solution themselves.

The old man thought for a minute then replied that even though his words were not acknowledged, they had been heard.

Lives had changed because he had spoken.

There would always be those that wouldn’t listen or think that your words were theirs.

He then thanked the leader for his visit and said that he must gather herbs for his meat that night.

He was seen walking into the woods with a small container and a digging stick.

Nobody paid anymore attention and none saw him return.

For several days nobody saw the old man.

Finally his lodge was checked, but he was not there.

His fire was cold and it looked as though none of his things had been used for a while.

Few seemed to be alarmed and went about their business.

A search was finally organized for him a few days later.

He was finally found deep in the woods beside a tree.

His soul had left his body, but there was a smile on his old, wrinkled face.

He had been there for many days.

They took him back to the village and prepared him for the afterlife.

Many began asking what they would do without his words of advice.

They walled him into a crack in the cliff and went back to their lodges.

They missed his words and began saying that maybe they should have told him how valuable his words were to them.

We should have told him how his words helped and changed our lives.

We should have thanked him more often for his teachings.

He is gone now and it is too late to tell him.

The old man looked down from the otherlands and smiled.

He had always known that his words were doing good and changing lives.

It would have been nice to hear that this was so.

He was content though.

He had joined the elders that had gone before him.


This story has been passed down for generations. When it began is anybody’s guess.

I value what it tells us.

I leave you to find it's meaning for your life and situation.

I wish all a very good day.