In Our Troubled Times

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 24, 2020

In this troubled time in our world, I watch people that are supposed to be mature and wise.

They act as children at their mothers lodge.

They speak untruths, steal from their village, and treat the have-nots with contempt.

A village must always care for it's members. 

The speak in both directions is not what a person does. The punishment for doing so used to be severe and permanent.

Stealing from others was never tolerated. You brought your own possessions to the one you took from till they said that they had enough.

These ones that act so shame themselves and their family.

I offer this as a model for life ....

A Wish For Mankind 

I cannot speak for others, but, I try to live this every day.

Be well my Brothers and Sisters.

May your lodge be peaceful and full of joy.

May your hunting be always fruitful.

May your heart always know peace.

May Creator watch over and bless each of you.

These are my words to the Nations this day.

I am finished.

I speak no more....