The Execution

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Oct 20, 2019

Someone captured Nic’s number one thug several months back.

He was jailed and held in tight security.

Since then, prosecutors have been busy gathering evidence for the trial.

Many have come forward to provide evidence and tales of this man’s wrongdoings.

After much thought, it was decided he would be tried as a conspirator instead of the actual perpetrator of murder, maiming, and other crimes.

The trial began last Monday.

Many took the stand for the prosecution.

The things they spoke of were so horrifying, sad, and heart-breaking that I almost couldn’t listen to them.

I saw many on the jury pale at the words being related.

It took three days for the prosecution to present their case.

The defense only presented one witness.

The accused took the stand and blamed everything on Nic O Tine.

He claimed that he had no knowledge of what was going on and claimed total innocence of any actions.

The case was presented to the jury Thursday morning.

The verdict came in less than an hour later.


The sentence was that he be hung by the neck until dead.

As the hangman was in town, Sentence was carried out this morning.

The trap sprang at 8 AM.

He dropped eight feet and hit the end of the rope. There was a sharp cracking sound and then nothing.

He was declared at 8:12.

He didn’t suffer as his victims have and did.

So ends his story.

There are others out their aiding Nic in his mission.

They need to be caught and tried for their part in his crimes.


This is a work of fiction that has played in my mind many times. No resemblance to any events or persons is intended.


As always, I leave you with these words ….

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.