Be Wary

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jul 14, 2019

After finishing the clearing at the oasis, we began the journey to the next one. 

I noticed a light off of the trail. 

We decided to check it out and discovered it to be a band of people.

I recognized Luck E Strike, Mar L Boro, Virginia Slim, Chesterfield Jones, Paul Mall, Kool Jamison, and several others.

They were talking low and seemed to disagree on some points.

I thought they were up to no good and the Sheik agreed.

After a quick consultation, we decided to capture them and try to find out what they were doing.

We surrounded them and quickly captured them.

The Sheik suggested we take them far into the desert to question them so we wouldn't be interrupted.

Several miles into the sands we stopped and began questioning them.

They refused to answer my questions, so the Sheik suggested that I walk away and let him and his men do the questioning.

After several hours the Sheik came back to inform me that Nic and his crew were planning a lot of trouble for the travelers.

We spoke at length about what we should do with this bunch. 

I left them to the tender mercies of the Bedoins and rode off finally.

I doubt if I will ever see these folks again.

Take this as a warning to keep your eyes open for traps and be very careful on the trail. There could be an ambush or trap anywhere out here on the trail.

I want to see everyone on the other side of the desert.

Remember .....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master