Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Apr 14, 2019

It is so amazing what can be done with support!!

Let me explain just a little....

2000 days ago I was somewhere between living and the Ancestor Lands. I remained that way for ten hours.

The next three days are totally lost to me. I was in a drug induced coma as I began the long road to recovery from heart surgery. 

It also began my personal journey to freedom from sickorettes....

I had to endure pain, uncertainty, depression, elation, and many other things. 

I had good days. I had bad days.

I made my journey and succeeded in quitting.

I had terrific support here and valued it all. 

I now wish to tell those beginning their journey to lean on the support from people here. Listen to what they have to tell you.

Read their old blogs and pick out the things that you find helpful.

We encourage "snooping" through our old blogs. 

Without the help, support, and friendships I found here I would not be able to say that I am 2000 days free from nicotine.

I thank those that helped so much on this journey and urge those just starting to also lean on the support you will find here.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.