News From the Trailhead

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Sep 25, 2018

The Bedoin I sent ahead when we left the mountain has returned from the trailhead.

He informed me that there were many travelers on the trail. He did say that there were some that were traveling off-trail, but they seemed to be doing just fine.

He told me he had briefly spoken to two travelers named BostonGirl and SoosannahK.

They had just begun her journey across the desert.

He told me that he had made sure their camels were fully supplied for the journey. Also, he reminded rhem to stop and rest at each Oasis and restock from the supplies there as needed.

I want to remind each traveler on the trail of NML of the same thing. Rest at each Oasis and stock up your supplies for the trip. The desert is no place to run out of supplies.

Watch for traps that Nic and his bunch have set on the trails.

Keep a sharp eye out for ambushes by those that want you to fail on this journey.

Be especially careful at Desolation Point. If you fall over the edge, Relapse Rocks are at the bottom. They are sharp and do very serious damage. I have rescued many from there.

Travel at your own pace. Your safety is all that matters on this journey. I want you to complete the crossing unhurt.

TheOldGoat-Joan-10-21-1994 is surely watching out for all on the trail. If you listen closely, I am sure you can here her message to you. "Keep them away from your face. You can't smoke them that way."

Travel safely and be well my fellow travelers. I will see you somewhere on the trail.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master