The Last Nail

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Apr 16, 2018

I was talking to someone the other day that said they were wanting to quit smoking. I saw that they had a nearly full pack in their pocket.
I suggested that they should just crush the pack and soak it in a bucket of water.
Their answer was that they wanted to smoke "just one more pack" before giving them up.
Just one more .....
Is that just one more going to be the final nail in their coffin?
Is it going to be the one that starts a tumor becoming malignant?
Is it the one that will cause a massive heart attack?
Is it the one that will cause a debillitating stroke?
Is it the one that will cause COPD and other breathing problems.
That just one more sickorette can do more damage than you could imagine.
I found that out the hard way. I wasn't having any problems at all. I had to take an EKG so they could remove my Gallbladder because of what was termed "sludge" before stones began developing.
The tracing they got looked like an abstract painting by Picasso or one of the other Masters of that field.
After a visit to the Cath Lab, it was determined that I needed bypass surgery. One week after the results from the Catheterization, I was on the table for 12 hours. I was now the recipient of three new vessels to bypass the blockages.
I was lucky. Others never knew what was happening and are now gone.
If you know someone that is thinking of quitting, please feel free to share my story with them. You just might save them from that just one more.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master