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What might have been ?????
What if I hadn't lit that very first sickorette? I would most likely have avoided many of the ills that I have suffered over the years. COPD? Heart problems?
What if my diet had been better? I might have avoided heart problems here also. Arterial problems might not have occured.
That is all water under the bridge and over the dam now...
I did develop heart problems. Part of that could be family history. My Mother and my brother both passed from heart attacks. My brother had undergone a quadruple bypass at around 34 years of age. He passed at 54. Mother had an enlarged heart for 20+ years when she passed at 56. Not good odds, but I might have beat them if I had never smoked.
COPD... we had to heat with wood when I was growing up. The house was always smokey from small leaks in the stove when you filled it with wood. My parents both smoked, so I was exposed from childhood to 2nd hand smoke.
At 13, I thought I was ready and started smoking corn silk in husks.
I snuck smokes from mom and dad. Pretty soon, I was buying them myself as they weren't expensive back then.
I wish I had known at that age what was in my future. I can't say it would have stopped me at that age, but I couldn't say I hadn't been warned.
Now I live with COPD, Heart Failure, Aortic Aneurysm in my abdomen, PAD, have undergone bypass surgery, and other problems. I know that smoking had a lot to do with all of these things now.
I quit smoking just over 4 years ago. I will now live my life the best I can. I will take things as they come and do what I must to overcome the problems I will have to face because of my earlier choices.

I hope my story will help new quitters to strengthen their resolve to quit. Please don't end up with the health problems some of us live with now.

Quit smoking now!!

I quit those death sticks 1534 days ago. I don't regret that decision for a minute.
How do I live now? One day at a time.
Life really has been, and is, a journey....
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.