Old Companions

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 27, 2017

While sitting in my tent the a few nights ago, I heard a slight noise. I looked outside and saw some friends I met on my trek through NML.
Ima Deer and Who Gnu were outside looking around the camp. I parted the door curtain and invited them to enter. The were cautious at first, then came closer.
I pushed some of the dried grass I had collected for the camels outside for them. They seemed to really like the treat. I had some fige in the tent and remembered that they both had liked it when I left some for them as I traveled NML several years ago.
They settled down and we just enjoyed each others company for many hours.
I told them of all that had happened with me since we had last seen each other.
After a few hours, they walked away a short distance and bedded down.
I have to admit that this old desert traveler that looks like an old piece of leather had a few tears in his eyes from seeing these companions of old.
They don't seem to be in a great hurry to leave, so I will camp here till they decide to move on. I enjoy their company after so long a time being apart.

I will keep a watch for them as I travel from now on.

If you happen to catch sight of them, don't be afraid. They are here to lead you on down the trail for a ways. They will never lead you off of the correct path to follow.

Just leave them some grass and maybe a few figs while they are traveling with you.They will appreciate those treats more than you could imagine. Do this and they will care for you very well.
If you are traveling the trail, be very watchful for Nic and his traps. He could have them set anywhere. I know that he delights in trying to catch travelers in them at this time of year.
If you see my camp, feel free to stop and rest for a while. I welcome any traveler that wishes to spend time in my camp.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master