Rest and Reflection

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 24, 2017

This morning I turned off the trail to set up camp to rest and reflect on this time of year.
Just over two thousand years ago, a child was born into this world. This child was a very special child. He was sent to bring a new way of thinking to this world. He came humbly and slept in a hay manger. His companions were the animals that were housed in a stable. His father was a poor carpenter, his mother a young maiden. Mighty men came bringing gifts and wished to gaze upon him and pay him the honors due a person of royalty.
I will not discourse on any one story or thought about his life. There are many of these stories telling of his life and mission. I can only say that he wished all men to live together in peace.
So I will say that whether your higher power be called God, Creator, Wise One Above, Yahweh, He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken, or any of the other names given for him, my wish for you is Peace and Happiness this holiday season.
I now will sit and reflect on this life that had such a large impact on so many lives,
Be well my friends and may your life be filled with peace and happiness this wonderful time of year.