The Trap Closes

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 30, 2017

Late yesterday the Sheik and his men arrived at my camp. They came in slowly as to not announce their coming to our adversaries.

We immediately sat down to a repast so we could lay our plans for Nic's buddies over there.

About midnight, we crept into their camp.

They were so confident that they had not even set a guard for the night. Our men crept silently up to each tent and waited. When everyone was in position, we moved into the tents and captured all of them. They were not aware of us until we had them all tied up.

We blindfolded them all and loaded them onto camels. After several hours of riding in circles, we arrived at a remote wadi. We unloaded the prisoners and walked them deep into it's farther extents. We staked them down and crept out silently. I made sure that the men brushed out our tracks as we left.

As we began riding away, a stiff breeze blew up. I looked back to see sand filling the camel tracks. There was to be no trail for the Butt clan or the Sema family to follow out of the desert. I hope they remain lost and perish out there if they are able to free themselves.

Harsh measures for them? I think not.

They and their families and friends have killed and injured far too many over the years. This is only a small measure of what they so richly deserve.

I ride now to rejoin the caravan to the other side of the desert.

Travel strong my friends. You will make the other side of NML. Beware the traps set by those that wish you to fail and fall.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

On the 1500th day of my journey........

Larry the Caravan Master