On This Day

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 11, 2017

On this special day I am so thankful for my fellow veterans.
This is a day of thankfulness for the men and women that have served this great country and fought for our freedom.
It is also a day of sadness as I remember all those that did not return from the battle during all of the wars this country was involved in.
I send those veterans a special salute formaking their sacrifice that we might be free.
I am especially saddened by the sentiment that those that served the south in the war of 1861 - 1865 are not veterans of this country. That their service does not count.
Their service helped shape the country we live in today. Without that conflict, this country would not have become one country instead of a collection of areas on the same land mass.
Therefore, I salute the veterans of every war and conflict this great country has ever been involved in during it's entire history.
To those still living, Thank you. To those that have gone on, Rest In Peace my brothers and sisters.