Earth's Children

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 5, 2017

This is for our fellow brothers and sisters of the forest that only wish to survive in peace.



A Wolves Lament
K. Snook

On the dark side of silence, the vastness of the wood,
As night advances, the sun sets as it should.
Stillness hashed by the wind, animals scatter,
I looked out o're the hill, to see what was the matter.
The lone grey wolf howls, the moon glows red.
He'd rather not stop, until his stomach was fed.
A watching lone wolf with wild eyes stands,
He's the king of this mountain the forest demands.
Most of his prey are either injured or weak,
Deer and Elk are what most of them seek.
They sing together of all that is brave and true,
A wolves code of honor, sometimes many, sometimes few.
Only from the essence of nature do they ever partake.
Which leads to a question, why do humans hate?
They live in the wild and deserve to run free,
Man should understand them better and just let them be.



May the children of Earth Mother all be well and share her bounty......