An Old Goat's Wisdom

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 2, 2017

My dear friend Joan posted this on her page here. She has walked the Hanging Road, but this bit of wisdom lives on.

 It can be found at

What Makes A Quit? by theoldgoat-joan-10-21-1994 if you wish to read it from her post.


  What Makes A Quit?
  Is it willpower? NAAAAAAH! Some magic formula? NAAAAAAAAH!
  What makes a quit succeed then???
  How about ...
  and most of all, LOVE
  Love for your family and yourself. Dedication to the task you have set for yourself. The attitude that you will succeed. Lastly, commitment to the decision to throw away what is taking years away from your life.
  Those are the weapons you need to beat the addiction to nicotine.
  Just my thoughts, right or wrong....
  Keep them away from your face. You can't smoke them that way!!!
  Joan the Old Goat
  This is a good start on any quit.
I will always keep this in mind and pass it on to others.
  Larry the Caravan Master