Day 50

Blog Post created by Nymous on Apr 2, 2018

This Easter weekend I realized that I have gone 50 days without Nicotine. I feel relieved that I was able to make it and I realize the journey has just started. My cravings are not as bad as it used to be. One of the questions I had during the first 3-5 weeks was " Does the cravings ever stop". To be truthful, the answer is not a straight "yes" or "No".

I can honestly say that the cravings progressively become less intense, less frequent and definitely manageable. I do get cravings these days but I do not suffer from it as I did earlier and I feel I have the strength to overcome it.. 

You have to give some time to recover from the neurological damage created by Nicotine . It takes time for all  the pathways and connections that link smoking  to our past behavioral and environmental cues. In the past after 3 weeks, I would go back to smoking since I would convince myself that If i had quit cold turkey for 3 weeks, then I am not an addict so I could start smoking again. I now realize that it was the nicotine that was convincing me to do it.


I feel proud, I feel healthy and I keep coming to this site to get my strength. Another 80 days , I would be out of NML and I am confident that I can do it.