Oh my.....This is a battle.

Blog Post created by Nymous on Mar 10, 2018

It has been a blood battle for the past few days. Nicodemon and his warriors have been relentless and have been waging an all out attack on me for the past few days. I know I cannot vanquish him completely and  the only way out is to be patient ,hold my position and wait for him to get tired and back off. But it has been very very very tough..It appears that Nicodemon has realized that the evenings and the nights are my weakest moments and has been attacking me for the past few days during the night

 He knows that I have succumbed in the past around this time. I have t o admit that last night I was almost tempted to accept his superiority and become a slave again , give up my freedom and let him rule again.  I did not know how I managed to hold my position but I did. I took strength from all the others on this site who have walked this path. All I know is that if I do not  up, Nicodemon will give up. But my strength is low... I need a different strategy , just dont know what it is. I feell weak , j have not slept for the past few days and I am scared that I am close to giving up .I am looking everywhere to get some strength for the next battle and I hope I find it.