Happy Me

Blog Post created by Nyima_1.6.13 on Jan 6, 2019

Just here to let all those that held my hand through that first year....I'm six years today because of your support! Haven't surfed in two years but still climbing mountains and paddle boarding! I am grateful every day that I have my health (for today)! After 40+ years of damaging my body, I worry about what may be lurking but now I try to make the healthiest life choices possible! Still meditating daily and grateful for all the love I received here. I can't possibly thank you enough!

Still get incredibly frustrated when I come to the site! I have no idea where this will show up or who might see it! Just know I think of you all often with gratitude and for anyone new to the quit....stop listening to the addiction and you will get it done! ❤️ 

Nanawendy, If you're out there, email me! I worry and miss you like crazy!