What the heck. Another request for prayers.

Blog Post created by NewMe on Aug 27, 2017

One of those situations where what's done is done, and now about all you can do is ask for another round of prayers. We were worried about intense flooding here in Austin, but so far it seems to be not quite so bad as anticipated. I've been able to drive to work and back, although the rain has been coming down steadily for more than 48 hours here. But my sister and brother -in-law are also stuck in their house in Houston, and pretty darn scared right now. They do have a 2 story house across the street from them, and I hope they will seek refuge there if necessary. I still haven't checked on my cousins in other parts of Houston. This storm is a monster, and I don't think the authorities urged people to evacuate.OK. That's all. Thought a few more voices in the mix couldn't hurt, and there's not much else I can do at this point.