Day 28: Ticket Bought to NML

Blog Post created by Nestly on Mar 5, 2017

After today, I'll officially have 4 weeks under my belt being nicotine free. I'm heading into NML and I feel ready. I've been taking walks, runs, and bike rides with the dogs and the kids and been getting healthier everyday.

The girls have been finding these painted rocks on the paths and in parks near our house and on the back is written a Facebook page to look up. So now, we'll find and hide rocks and have started to paint some of our own to hide. 

It's great fun to do and I figure doing this will certainly help me get through No Mans Land. It's a much more productive habit to take on. I get to be creative, get excersise, and hopefully get to make some finders smile. I love the idea of getting back in touch with my creativity too. It's been some time since I last arted! 

To those in NML, I'll see you there and to anyone behind me, just follow the path of painted rocks, but don't forget to leave some to help guide those following you!