Day 2: Easy Peasy and Sun Bumps

Blog Post created by Nestly on Feb 7, 2017

Just about two days down. I'll take more days like today please! It was so easy! But I know not every day will be so easy so I'll keep watching situations and avoid the big triggers.

I had to go to my daughter's Valentines concert at her school this evening. When I parked, I noticed a lady standing behind her truck sneaking a smoke before going into the school. How great it was that I didn't have to join her! 

In other news, I laid out in the sun for a bit today. Now get this, I live in Florida and I have a worsening allergy to the sun! After a time with no UV exposure, I have to "harden" my skin again so the reaction won't be so bad. Suffice it to say, I'm an itchy, bumpy wreck tonight! Lol maybe the itch is keeping the nicotine cravings in check.

Hope everyone's doing great tonight!