My revelation (spoiler... it's more like D'oh!)

Blog Post created by NeedToBe on Jan 13, 2018

I am 16 days in using wellbuterin and no NRT.

After first couple days (physical part), while I've had some rough patches, I gotta say it's been better than my last quits.... until last day or so. Over last 24 hours I've begun experiencing cravings varying in intensity and duration.

So as I learned on this site, a key is not to just shove cravings away from the forefront of your mind..... breathe, calm down and try to understand it. Why now? Where did it come from? Do I owe I it money?

In my case, at least with these recent ones I think its plain old boredom. Thinking back, when feeling like this in the past, I'd grab a smoke.

Don't know why this didn't click for me earlier (I know I've read numerous times, clean, get a hobby, find something....)

The funny part is I would have thought this might have happened earlier. My thinking though is that early on with the physical changes: the good (breathing, energy), bad (headaches) and ugly (flatulence) there always seemed to be some new experience occuring.

Seems that now (for me as I've learned no 2 quits are the same), I'm past the physical withdrawals. While i expect my health to continue to improve, I think I may have plateued in terms of easily discernible improvements.

So, I'm choosing to think of this as my next phase, getting comfortable without smoking.

I keep getting this nagging feeling (hope?) that the cravings will end.

Thanks to this site, I've learned that will not happen for sometime, if ever, and I need to adopt it into my life.

Get comfortable with it...

My plan, stop thinking, referring to those sensations as cravings and begin thinking and referring to them in terms of their cause, currently ... boredom.

So I've been bored the past day or so, sometimes more so than others.

So......even tho it's single digits, it's off to the barber and then the gym.

Having this site helps me reinforce this as it gives me an opportunity to say it.

That's my big "aha" (apologies if you were looking for more). That's the other thing I've learned here.... While you can get a lot of info, suggestions, support here, you need to really "own" your quit. There's no magic set of steps you follow and are done, you never are....

Anyhow thanks for reading.

Jerry - 16 DOF