We can win

Blog Post created by Naniinoneya on Apr 27, 2019

I quit December 31st 2018 with the intention of having a completely new year after having completely changed my life around. I succeeded after 20 plus years of smoking I succeeded with not a cigarette a day for 3 months... It felt amazing the things I was able to do where amazing the feeling was amazing breathing wise. And then came stress dealing with family and bad situations... It started as let me just have one to two to three to four and it just increased so a normal have it all over again it is now been one month and change and I am running to fix this fall back...I proved to myself that it is possible to just get up one day and say no more I did it for 3 months so I can do it again. I am here because I want to do it again but I want to do it permanently. I can feel the reverse effects and it's unacceptable. I did so well and I know that you all can too so I'm here in anything I can be for you and ask that you was well help guide me to stay off. God bless us all on our journey to better lives better breathing better movements better everything. It all starts with a step