One Month

Blog Post created by NancNW on Mar 4, 2019

This is the first time posting. Thank you to all who have posted inspiration that has helped me get to one month! Was in "listening" mode for the last thirty+ days. 


Here is my journey so far.


Pre-quit: Read as much as I could find on what my body would go through upon stopping the use of tobacco. Had previous attempts and failed. In retrospect, just wasn't properly prepared. Tried to stay away from the complainers and followed the winners. Fear was my biggest enemy. I was afraid of the withdrawal process. Heard way too many times that "quitting was the hardest thing I've ever done." However, have known many, many people who have stopped. Can't be that hard or so many would not have done it and succeeded. 


I hated being a smoker. There was absolutely nothing about it I enjoyed. I quit lying to myself years ago. The only reason I smoked was because I was addicted to the nicotine. Just couldn't commit to stopping.


There never seemed to be "the right time" for stopping. So just picked one. Didn't attach it to anything significant. No birthdays, no anniversaries, no New Years...just made the date its own thing. Had already stopping smoking in my house and car. Didn't allow my self any entertaining, including playing with my phone, while smoking either. Did smoke in my garage though. Really hate being cold. One of the many reasons to stop. Really tired of standing in the cold.


So picked a date, did research on what to expect, perused blogs of winners. Last smoke was at 9:30 PM on January 30th.


Days 1 - 5: Totally what I had read. It went both slow and fast at the same time. Not only survived the first five days, but thrived and reveled in being a non-smoker! It wasn't the "hardest thing I have ever done." It was uncomfortable but that is about it. I do remember thinking that it had been only five days! Blah. Kept a glass of water close and drank until the urge went away. Choosing joy over misery!


Days 5 - 12: Stuck with the same plan and all of the sudden it had been 12 days since I had stopped. Totally missed day ten. How cool is that! Things had gotten easier. Was beginning to have more time where smoking was not high in the thought processes. Still just uncomfortable. But I haven't yet died from not having a smoke. Nor has it been physically painful. Just thoughts. Still drinking a bunch of water.


Days 12 - 24: Continuing firsts. First field job. Traveling was one of my top reasons for stopping. Such a pain to find a place to have a smoke. Thoroughly enjoyed being a non-smoker on this trip. Did not have to make that long walk of shame to the smoking area, watched the snow come down outside (lots of snow!) while inside warm and comfortable, and was much more productive because I was not planning how to get my next smoke. Still thought about smoking occasionally. But, again, they were just passing thoughts.


Poof! Here I am at 30+ days! Magic has been made! Am not going to let my guard down, am not cured. But am still on the right path.


Things I have learned. 

1. Stopping smoking hasn't killed me.

2. It is not the hardest thing I have ever done.

3. The rewards far out weight the challenge.

4. Don't look too far ahead, one day at a time will do.

5. You can't start at the end, you must start at the beginning.

6. Water is good! Ice cream is good also. Moderation is key.

7. Kindness to ones self is important. 

8. Go ahead and feel, just don't dwell.

9. The past is the past. The future is the future. The decisions I make right now are based on the past and will steer the future.

10. Being a non-smoker is the best thing ever!