Rainy Day in WV

Blog Post created by NanKath on Jan 18, 2020

Rainy Day and I’m under the weather, so online looking around! I’m in shock that my 5 month quit is approaching! Seems like at times I never was a smoker. I know I’m not far enough along to feel this way, but honestly at times, that’s how I feel! I’m so thankful for this site and the encouragement you all give to everyone! Being a non-smoker is such a great feeling!!  NOPE NMW keeps me going from day to day! I’m also working on repeating “Let Go, Let God” daily! Went through some major depressive days and NIGHTS recently, so I’m working very hard on being mindful to be happy and joyous! 


You all have a blessed evening!!


148 DOF


Let Go, Let God