Celebrating a milestone

Blog Post created by NanKath on Dec 1, 2019

In my humble opinion, today is a milestone—it’s day 100 of my forever quit! I’m super proud of myself, but staying humble. Previous quits weren’t successful, but I’ve learned so much here and this group, even though I’m not on every single day, is still my accountability group! I need accountability and I love the stats here! My excitement mounted each day I got closer to 100. I am in direct sales and was at an event yesterday. A lady set up fairly close to me is a smoker. I smelled her every time she walked by and I noticed her cough a few times during the day as well. Early in my quit, when a smoker walked by, I had a craving. Yesterday, I was like, oh my goodness, I smelled so very bad!! I know I’m still going to have craves, but I’m happy to witness that my mindset seems to be changing.  100 DOF and living by NOPE NMW!!