Heard from our recruit!!

Blog Post created by NanKath on Oct 24, 2019

Whoo hoo! Our daughter received a letter from our grandson earlier this week! My concerns have been relieved! He is doing great! He was experiencing shin splints before leaving and was somewhat concerned they might hold him back a bit. He mentioned that his shin splints healed and that he’s one of 4 platoon leaders! I’m one proud Nanny!  



I’m celebrating 62 DOF today! NOPE NMW is what keeps me going and the fact that our grandson helped us both overcome a horrible habit! @papawtim quit 10-7 so he’s 17 days smoke free! 



This morning a life-long friend joined becomeanex! I’m so happy for her and know she will have so much support on this site! I explained that she didn’t need to wait until she quits and that she can build her quit plan right here on this site with the help of others going through the same thing! Her quit date is in about 4 weeks. I honestly believe the support and encouragement she will receive here will help her succeed!