Day 3

Blog Post created by NVT on Aug 22, 2018

Mixed emotions. I am not angry, I am not really upset.  I have been on the up and up most of the day.  I have always been an evening/night time smoker, with just a few during the day.  I would smoke in one evening/night what many smoke in an entire day/night. So as the evening approaches the anxiety returns. I did not use a patch today,  I am not sure if it is the culprit or if it is a combo of no wine, no smokes but I could not sleep at all last night. Once I fell asleep I continued to wake up throughout the night early morning. I still got out of bed and took the dogs for a walk.  Last night my husband almost gave in to the craving, BUT there are no smokes in the house/cars so it is what saved us both as if he would have,  it is very possible I would have too.


I am working on staying positive for the rest of the night. I have a slight headache but I guess this is normal?