This Minute

Blog Post created by Mward90 on Sep 23, 2019

So I am on day 5 without smoking.  I'm trying to stay in a good frame of mind and just take life one minute at a time.  In this minute life is good and I'm doing good.  I'm extremely tired because I have not been sleeping well, but I think that is part of this.  I am proud of myself because yesterday boyfriend (not thinking) handed me his lit cigarette and I didn't smoke it, not even one puff.  Now don't get me wrong all I could do is stand there and stare at it in my hand, but I resisted.  I think everything is going to be okay in the end and I really think this is going to be my forever quit.  I'm just going to take today one minute at a time, remember to breathe, stay as positive as I can, and probably take a nap when I get home.  In this minute life is still good.  (PS It is great being back with you all!)