With Love and Support - Day 2

Blog Post created by Mward90 on Sep 20, 2019

Day One and I went to battle yesterday and I WON!!!!  Not to say that it was easy or that I kept my good mood all day, but I WON!  Things were going very well at work yesterday which surprised me.  I was worried work would be the hard part of my day, but I only had a few cravings which I took care of with some water and gum.  It was a low stress workday so I'm interested to see how I react on a higher stress day.  When I got home is when I really fell apart.  I snapped at almost everyone I love and care about.  I wanted to smoke so bad hoping if I smoked I would quit snapping at the ones I loved, but I didn't.  I just kept apologizing and eventually the bad part was over.  The rest of the evening smoothed out but I had a ruff time sleeping.  It may have been Jiminy Cricket keeping me up for the way I treated everyone or as I learned on this amazing site yesterday I may have just been wanting to smoke (but I didn't).  This truly is an amazing site that I am so grateful I found and decided to use to help me quit.  The people on this site is what makes it truly amazing.  Everyone is so kind and friendly, so loving and supportive and these wonderful people share there time to encourage me and share advice with me and I couldn't be more grateful.  It is a wonderful feeling that everyone gives me knowing that you all are there if I need to vent or get advice.  This is what I have been missing in previous quit attempts but I know that with everyone's support, I CAN DO THIS!  So thank you one and all!