Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Sep 16, 2020

I've been doing pretty good with the patch. haven't had any cravings all week that i couldn't handle.

I am extremely stressed right now, though.

I'm stressed because I know of a few good places to place the patch, but since you can't use the same spot for a week after to prevent skin irritation. So I'm running out of places to put it.

I put it on one spot and figured out it may have been too low. I moved it up just a little, and i'm still feeling like it isn't the right spot.

I'm stressed, and angry. this patch is becoming more frustrating these days because i can't figure out where the hell to put it that I haven';t.

i can't really risk replacing the patch with a new one because there's only enough for all 4 weeks. So that's stressing me out. It's actually really starting to piss me off. At myself, at my inability to use this damn thing properly or so it seems. but it's the best way i know of to help me.

But at this very moment it is enraging me.